How to use Ahrefs Broken Link Checker tool

Repair Broken Links using Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a powerful tool when it comes to backlinks. If you want to know the importance of backlinks and how they assist in SERP ranking, click here. Here we are going to talk about SEO free broken link checker. This is also called as the dead link checker. 


Ahrefs backlink checker Outbound Links
Outbound Links

Outbound Links

In here, outbound links means the broken links from your site to some other site. It is also important, but not important as the backlinks. We will talk about these outbound links in another post. To summarize it, make sure every outbound link from your site is properly functioning. The rule of thumb is do not keep anything broken. Either fix it or remove it entirely. Hint: Fixing is the friendly advice from your resident SEO Specialist – Define Dream.

Broken Inbound Links

So, the top 10 broken inbound links is what you want to focus at. Go to these links and repair it so it is properly linked. Let me invite you to the ultimate trick. Use this on your competitor’s site. You will find their broken links. This is the time to send an email to the inbound link owner’s site and ask to connect it to one of your working links. Or may be create a likewise content.

Ahrefs backlink checker Inbound Links
Ahrefs backlink checker Inbound Links

I will describe all the columns in here. UR is the Rating given to the URL. This says how important is the path to the internet. The higher the rating, higher is the importance. DR is the Domain rating. Mostly UR and DR will get close results. Domain is like whereas URL is the specific distant path like Referring domains is how many sites referring to the site and traffic implies the audience count. Last paragraph is the most important one. It says to which site the link is going to. See “404 not found” as the page is missing. You need to correct this ASAP for a better backlink count. Wohla, you got an additional backlink, like in a minute. 

Want Help?

This definitely depends mostly on your capacity to talk and negotiate. Send us an email if you want help. 

I am adding a few screenshots from Ahrefs paid version and what it can do. Everything here can be done manually without paying if you are willing to walk the extra mile. 

Ahrefs broken links paid version
You can get all the broken links in a single time. In the free version you only get access to 10 of them.
Ahrefs broken links paid version
All the 404 pages can be linked to one dashboard, where it is easier to control
Ahrefs broken links paid version
You can also schedule periodic tests to check out seasonal breaks

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