Google Ranking; How Google Checks for SEO?

We have come across the stone age, copper age and the industrial age. Now it is time for us to embrace the digital age. With tens and thousands of new and useful technologies found each day, the digital age accelerates itself in an ever growing framework. Google Ranking is the new worrier. 

What is Google & How Google Ranking is Happened?

Google is one of the driving forces in the digital labyrinth. In fact, the digital marketing discipline has its foundations on Google. The intent based searching has been delivering results since the beginning of Google Inc. For many business owners and marketers Google has been a safe heaven because of the features it offers.

Google ranking happens in several ways. Ranking is not done manually, but Google has its own crawler equipped with state of the art artificial intelligence system. This determines how the ranking happens in the search engine. This discipline has now evolved to a broad education system and it is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization or shortly SEO.

Google Ranking Parameters

The ranking parameters can be implemented on the same web page as well as off the web page. Both of these approaches involve in conjunction to result a high rank in Google. On page SEO has everything to do with keywords. When the business is targeting a specific audience, there are particular keywords to be utilized. This greatly depend on the time of the year and the interests of the crowd. The keywords have to be used throughout the text, including main heading and sub headings. Although keyword stuffing can discourage Google ranking, a fair share of the keyword usage will not do a harm.

On Page SEO

The main thing regarding the on page SEO scheme is having rich and informative content that the reader would have an interest to read, and keep on reading. If the content is tedious to read, the reader would often leave the site within a few minutes or even seconds. This greatly affects the site’s bounce rate and when the popularity of the site is decreased, the site ranking goes down, as the crawler detects the same.  Furthermore, the business should retain the customer or the reader even though they have finished reading. This can be done by interesting offers and several call to action buttons. The author of the site must be cautious to boost up the curiosity of the reader and direct him/her to click more internal links, so that he/she would continue to stay in the site.

Off Page SEO

The off site SEO is no different, but it works from outside of the site. One of this is called as backlinking. Backlinking means directing clients from outside sites into our own site. To explain further, if some other site has a link in their context that will make the reader to click the hyperlink, and direct them to our site, it’s called a backlink. These backlinks are a critical factor in Google ranking. More the backlinks’ density of the site, more is the boost to push the site to the top of the page.

This is just a gist of search engine ranking pertaining to Google. We shall discuss about specific areas of SEO in a future article.


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